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Sunday the 5th of October 2014 I had the great privilege of joining the City University of Los Angeles alumni when I was conferred by Dr Henry L.N. Anderson Ed.D., Ph.D. Dr Anderson is the Chancellor of CULA. Dr Andy as I now know him is also the author of a dozen books which I am enjoying reading very much. My conferral took place at the private home of Dr Anderson along with 5 other doctors from the class of 2014. My Doctorate is an honorary DBA. Doctor of Business Administration. I also had the pleasure of working out Sunday morning at the hotel with Dr Anderson with whom I had trouble keeping up. He is 80. A humbling experience indeed. CULA is a fascinating and eclectic family and I am honored to be considered one of them.

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  1. Simon. That is an incredible honor you have received in among your amazing life accomplishments and ongoing works! I’m all smiles from browsing through your pictures and story and very happy for you. Congragulations! James and Rhonda

  2. , Wow, that is really excellent news and it is a great big deal to be awarded an honorary doctorate. City University is definitely lucky to have you as an example of what luck, hutzpah and a good education can do to improve society.

    Bravo Simon!

    As ever, Randahl

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