Dr. Simon Mills is a New York-based writer, entrepreneur, technologist and businessman. He is a skilled innovator with over thirty years of business experience. Born in Perth, Western Australia in 1967, he studied at the Conservatorium of Music in New South Wales and went on to become a piano tuner – restorer toured with many Australian rock bands and co-hosted a radio program that became nationally syndicated. Mills founded London Music Group (LMG) with business partner Wazza Bray in 1990 and grew that company to the number one commercial music production house in the country, winning award after award, culminating in the World’s Best Jingle at the International Broadcasting Awards in Hollywood, CA in 2003. In 2005, Simon moved from Australia to New York City with his wife and three children. There, he grew LMG digitalMedia USA to attract customers as significant as Hyatt, AIG, BBDO, CBS, Starbucks, Pepsi, The Economist and more.

Professional activities

  • President of www.Ignition.Institute, (Formerly KR Strategy). Ignition® is a product that unapologetically achieves outcomes. Health - revenue - culture - invest-ability - acquisition fitness - turn-around - transformational efficiency.
  • Trustee of the Peace Angels Project (

  • Founder at MillsiCo, a digital arts company focussed on web and platform development, Search Engine Optimization, video and music production, brand identity and tech innovation.
  • The author of Dr. Mills books, a children's book franchise.
  • Co-founder of Western Development Group, a California-based real estate development company focused on hotel resort and low-income housing developments across the state.
  • Co-founder of Smart Homes LLC which has been formed to assist in the rebuilding of homes after the Northern California fires
  • Co-founder of Plazma Licensing Authority LLC (PLA) which was formed to commercialize IP in the plasma technology vertical primarily in partnership with Drexel University. 
  • Co-founder of Lightning Water, an innovative water technology that aids plant growth. A subsidiary of PLA. 
  • Trustee and faculty at
  • Partner and Author-In-Residence at Enigami & Rednow Publishers, New York. An eclectic, boutique book publishing company.
  • Founder of, a web hosting platform.
  • Founder of Locate Real Estate, a disruptive real estate technology platform, a national real estate brokerage network, and a media monetization engine.
  • Co-founder of LMG Digital Media Australia.
  • Co-founder of Fitzpatrick-Mills Events.
Agile Web/Tech Developer
Fast, efficient, high level web development is key to commerce of every type. Building websites is far more than code. It requires a collection of skills that include artistic eye, word-smithing, a profound understanding of advertising and marketing, graphic composition, video production, audio engineering, resource management, search optimization, and server architecture. Having one person that understands the full range of disciplines and can also project manage them all is rare.
Composer / Musician
Award winning composer and musical communicator. Commercial jingles to full songs.

Internationally published author with the versatility of writing anything from web content to business pitch collateral and from children’s literature to ghost writing full length novels.

The skill that has not been, and can never be, commoditized. The “idea” is the most undervalued yet foundational element in any venture.
Raising capital for tech ventures and real estate development.

Skills Overview

Mad Piano Skills
Lego Assembling
Responsible Parenting
Causing Wife Eye Rolls
Not recognizing famous people and asking what they do
Attention span
Negotiation and justification
Steak Cooking