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Bold Business TV Interview

Dr. Mills General

Dr. Simon Mills from the Western Development Group tells BOLD about the rebuilding process in California after the devastating fires.

The Children’s Book Series

Dr. Mills General

With all the ventures I get involved in, sometimes I forget what it is I love. I am a writer and I just want to write. Unfortunately I still need to manage real estate ventures, raise capital, build technology, consult and generally do whatever is necessary to fund this writing habit of mine. While pondering the approaching new year in …

Revisiting the days gone by

Dr. Mills General

Its been said that its good to have a career change every 10 years or so. I think if I did that i’d be 130 years old by now so I obviously subscribe to the theory of changing careers frequently. Piano tuning, piano restoration, musician, music stores, live music production, truck driving, broadcasting, jingle writing, advertising, writing, house building, public …

Dr Mills Arrives

Dr. Mills General 3 Comments

Sunday the 5th of October 2014 I had the great privilege of joining the City University of Los Angeles alumni when I was conferred by Dr Henry L.N. Anderson Ed.D., Ph.D. Dr Anderson is the Chancellor of CULA. Dr Andy as I now know him is also the author of a dozen books which I am enjoying reading very much. My …

The Butcher Of Harlem

Dr. Mills General

Harlem Shambles is our local butcher shop here in the hood. dry aged, grass fed and absolutely amazing. We obviously like the place because we now have an account and our own button on the cash register that says Mills. Watching these guys at their craft is quite an experience and strikingly theatrical so Dekko and I set about capturing …

G’day USA

Dr. Mills General, Party

We hit the American Australian Association Ball / G’day USA in January for Australia Day at Cipriani on Wall Street. Pictured here sporting magnificent wife Molley and my very best James Gandolfini smile. You know when you have been gone from Australia a long time when you don’t recognize a single Australian headliner. Or maybe they just hired people that aren’t that …

Overnight in 10026

Dr. Mills General, Millsian perspective

Last night, I was programming my lights to turn on and off via email when I accidentally created an app to email me every instagram posted in my zip code. Kind of a neighborhood watch hack. When it got to 600 photos in my inbox overnight I turned it off and put a selection of them in a video. A …