The Children’s Book Series

Dr. Mills General

With all the ventures I get involved in, sometimes I forget what it is I love. I am a writer and I just want to write. Unfortunately I still need to manage real estate ventures, raise capital, build technology, consult and generally do whatever is necessary to fund this writing habit of mine. While pondering the approaching new year in 2015 I thought about what I wanted 2016 to be about for me and it was then that I had my epiphany. I need to write every day. I need to write and release books and create and generally be in the business of writing again. The first release occurred in January with I Lost My Hug, a book I had written many years earlier but never released. I had also written an outline for a project called Mary the Scary Hair Fairy but had never finished it and never had it illustrated. When my daughter Hannah was smaller she would wake up in a state of panic because her hair was messy and she had gone to bed the previous night with it in perfect order. I explained to her that what had happened is Mary The Scary Hair Fairy had come in the night and vexed her with her scary hair fingers. Because that’s the kind of father I am. So while Mary was being illustrated I started writing the next book, Otis, The Elephant Of Surprise. Otis likes to hide behind objects far smaller than himself but because he closes his eyes he believes nobody can see him. Eventually he is ridiculed by his heard and even his own father and is forced to leave on a journey of discovery but what he discovers is that sometimes, belief in yourself is all you need to change everything.

Over the first quarter of 2016 there will be seven books released under the Dr. Mills series. The Great Cats Be, One Lucky Puppy, Dustin Dog Hair and Phony Pigeoni included. If you are so inclined, children’s literature fans can follow my author page on Amazon and be notified when a new release occurs.

2016, the year of the return of Simon Mills the writer. A very happy and inspired Mills indeed.