Shogun Rising Launch Party

Dr. Mills General, Party

Planet Mills was honored to assist in the launch of the Jon Mayor’s Shogun Rising project by hosting a little soiree.
What better way to celebrate a launch of a new creative venture than 40 magnificent people, cases of fabulous wine, a margarita machine (The Margarator)
and of course grilling on the terrace at the Harlem Country Club. In a tuxedo. Thank you to Matthew DeVoe and the Shogun team for providing funding for the supplies and of course the amazing Victoria, our chef, bartender and all round party facilitator.

Congratulations producers, artists, investors, partiers, singers, performers and misbehavers (you know who we are). It was a marvelous success
and the campaign is well under way to raise the required 44 thousand bucks.

You may have seen Dekko Mills floating about with a camera on the night and this video is the result of his work. Thank you to the ever amazing Paulo Coelho for providing the impromptu soundtrack to our adventures once more.

I encourage you all to support this venture. We are half way there and this is a great project to get across the line.
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