Distributed Real Estate

Overnight Success

Dr. Mills General

Distributed Real EstateAfter 4 years of consistent development work Distributed Real Estate has finally arrived at the start line. Funding has been approved and we are finally preparing for launch, buying other companies, positioning partners and staff and generally ramping up. Its a great feeling to finally be pulling this monster together. Many have doubted it would ever happen. Sometimes you just have to hang in long enough and anything is possible. No doubt there will be further challenges ahead for DRE and its subsidiary ventures and companies but once has a task has actually begun it changes things. A door has been opened that can never be closed. www.distributedrealestate.com, www.locate.re. Disruptive business model? Well of course. My 3rd grade school teacher could have told you that. Young Mr Mills is inventive but disruptive. Sometimes I think he invents things just to cause a disruption.