I did it, I monetized my wife.

Dr. Mills Innovation and Monetization

AMLYes after 20 years of mariage I have achieved the seemingly impossible. I have monetized my wife. I mean there is the old way to monetize your wife but it never ends well.

Recently on a train trip back from Atlantic City I mentioned that Molley should write about parenting because she is always getting asked questions about how we got such great kids. She loved the idea and I built a self hosted WordPress blog, themed it and monetized it with Google Adsense, Infolinks and some affiliate marketing accounts. Well she took to it like a chick to a shoe store and has become a prolific article writer. After the first month our first and much celebrated check arrived from google. It was $150. Now it does not seem like a lot but it cost absolutely nothing to build, kept her busy, involved and happy  for hours a day and money that you make while you sleep is 100 times more valuable than the money you make while awake. So what did I really do here?  I simply took a strength (talking endlessly about the seemingly mundane but apparently interesting to thousands of people) and found a simple way to make money from it while also giving my wife a platform and an audience to do what all women do so magnificently well but men fail to value its relevance and that is “speak”. You can read all about the private details of my life vicariously through the fingers of my beloved at www.AMotherLife.com. And while your there, if you see anything you like, please feel free to make me some money.