Kirk Falconer

Destiny Rescue USA

About Kirk

Kirk's "bucket list" never included being an advocate for children enslaved in the sex trade. But...

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Dan Pincus

World Golf Network

About Dan

Over 25 years of marketing, business development and management...

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Peter Fitzpatrick

CEO, Coghill Global
Co Owner, Fitzpatrick Mills

About Peter

Nobody really actually knows what he does. He seems to just travel the world telling people what to do. And they do it. ...

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Simon Mills

Writer, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Gas Bike Mechanic. Co Owner Fitzpatrick Mills.

About Simon

Simon Mills is a skilled and successful entrepreneur with over thirty years of business experience...

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Drew De Carvalho

The Connector. Professional Corporate Presenter.

About Drew

International Investment and New Business Development for several start-up ventures...

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Gov. David Patterson

55th Governor of New York,
Former New York Senator

About Gov. Patterson

As if senator and governor

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Thomas Donadio

Real Estate Advisor

About Thomas

General Construction Contractor, Real Estate Investor...

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Drew Davis

Chief Brand Ambassador
Concierge Network

About Drew

Sales and marketing programs that drive new business through direct promotions to hotel concierge.

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John Russo

Owner, Russo/Grantham Productions, Inc

About John

Innovative professional with a distinguished and proven track record encompassing ...

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Kevin S Clark

Senior Finance Executive at World Business Lenders, LLC

About Kevin

Hard Money Lending to Rehabbers who specialize in "fix and flips".
Commercial Hard Money...

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Tim Davis

We solve your office IT headaches

About Tim

'Best in Class' IT Consulting and Support business serving the Greater New York...

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David Kolker

CFO at PineBridge Investments

About David

Hands-on financial executive with twenty four years of asset management experience...

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Harvey Ginsberg

Corporate Graphic Solutions, Inc. President / CEO

About Harvey

Corporate Graphic Solutions, Inc. has represented excellence in printing and packaging...

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Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho Music

About Paulo

Organized all forms of the creative and production process in all facets of music industry ...

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Mario D'Amore

Senior Business Development Officer

About Mario

Manager/Supervise staff of incoming calls both nationally and internationally.

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Lisa Gyselen

EmpiRx Health

About Lisa

Pharmacy Care Management firm designed to simplify and deliver better pharmacy benefit solutions...

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Bill Sorvino

Professional Actor

About Bill

Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City

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Michael Casolari

President, Integrated Building Controls

About Michael

Integrated Building Controls, Inc.

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Women's Advocate

About Emme

Iconic supermodel, television host, personality, women's advocate, author, international lecturer...

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Cheryl Moss

The Connector. Professional Corporate Presenter.

About Cheryl

Friend Skoler is a private equity firm focused on the lower end of the middle market.

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Henry Gomez

Sales Executive at Synergy Sales Consultants

About Henry

Synergy Sales Consultants is a worldwide provider of freight management, warehousing, global logistics, and business solutions.

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Paul Gourhan

Branding & Marketing, We Grow Your Business.

About Paul

I am a Branding Strategy and Implementation Expert with over 20 years of experience building branding for Small and Mid size businesses (SMBs).

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Steven Wilson

Sales Director at Book Sales Inc.

About Steve

Promotional book publisher based in New York, we publish books on all subjects including Arts and Crafts, Cooking, History, Military History...

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Therese Wittner

Business Development, Creative Consultant

About Therese

I love business and the practice of law. I consider my work as more of a vocation in life, helping to amplify brilliant ideas...

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Lynn Chiavaro

Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual

About Lynn

The mission of the Network is to develop enduring relationships with clients by providing expert guidance for a lifetime of financial security.

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Jeanne Brutman

Financial Problem Solver

About Jeanne

Jeanne has a checklist of 1000's of items she uses to find the Financial Blindspots that could destroy a client's business...

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Matthew DeVoe

Global Sourcing Manager at News Corporation

About Matthew

Matt just walks the earth finding films to bring to life. He also likes BBQ and golf. And that'll teach him to update his linkedin profile.

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Barbara Roberts

Entrepreneur in Residence, Columbia Business School

About Barbara

After successfully building and selling my companies, I am passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and family business owners...

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Gigi De Jesus-Frerichs

Fashion designer

About Gigi

Salsa-The Designer Solution LLC. was established in 2000 as a design product development firm...

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Maureen Fairlie

CEO-Million Dollar Enterprise | MWBE

About Maureen

In 2006, I began as a green janitorial supply company. Over the years Snappy has broadened its spectrum, focus and services to...

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William Kumpf

NorthStar Funding Vice President of Lending

About William

Mortgage legend. Winner of White Collar Brawler. Will needs to update his linkedin profile otherwise I just make it up.

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Ismael R. Coleman

Community Engagement
VIBES Creative Group

About Ismael

I proposed, fundraised and led a team to build the University's first free-access and student-run recording studio, Red Feather Studio

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Michael Moroney

Strategic Digital Leadership and Consultant

About Michael

Michael is a seasoned creative technologist and consultant. His client experience includes work for HTC, Virgin, Apple, EMI, Sony.....

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Gigi De Jesus-Frerichs

Fashion designer

About Therese

Salsa-The Designer Solution LLC. was established in 2000 as a design product development firm...

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Lucia Kaiser

Owner, Kaiser International Inc

About Lucia

Without a doubt, Lucia Kaiser is considered one of the top Who's Who worldwide. She is frequently on the guest list of the highest profile NY events

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Mary Sliwa

Assistant Vice President - Stifel

About Mary

Perviously: Barclays Wealth and Investment Management, Morgan Stanley, The Guardian Angels.

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Lin Evola

Contemporary American Artist Peace Angels Project

About Lin

In 1992, Lin Evola founded the Peace Angels Project to address the epidemic of violence by reminding us of the responsibilities we all share...

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Diane Henderiks

Multimedia Chef, Dietitian, Blogger, Jersey Girl, Mom

About Diane

Diane Henderiks is on a mission to teach America how to cook and eat well! Diane is a personal chef, caterer, Dietitian, author...

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Molley Mills

principal writer at

About Molley

Writer, mother of three and "handler" of Dr. Simon Mills. Also a sign writer but don't tell her I told you. That was another life.

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Suzanne Mannion

EVP & Co-Founder at Newsmaker Group

About Susan

More than 20 years of communications industry experience. Comprehensive capabilities enable her to manage and implement...

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Dave Chidekel

Partner at Ritholz Levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields LLP

About David

Specialties: Media, entertainment and technology law

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Karl J. Norgaard

Partner Norgaard

About Karl

Karl joined the Firm in 2004. He has published articles and has given numerous ICLE lectures in his short tenure.

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Cody Chang

Operations, Co-Founder

About Cody

Previous: ChXBao, Kravis Leadership Institute, Personal Entrepreneurship

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Tam St. Armand

CEO / Partner
St. Armand Ventures

About Tam

Property & Casualty Insurance Brokering and International Risk Management Services.

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Sharon Mahin

President/CEO at Mahin Impressions,Inc

About Shazza

Recognized pacesetter in supply chain diversity with over 30 years of varied industry experience.

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Anthony Gallo

Gallo Legis

About Anthony

AJ Gallo Associates, PC. All facets of entertainment law and general litigation.

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Michele Sorvino

Executive Director at Golden Door Film Festival

About Michele

Executive Director at Golden Door International Film Festival, Host to Inside Hollywood on the Hudson

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Cynthia Mudd

President of The Haiti Education Alliance, Inc.

About Cynthia

THEA formed to help provide sustainable solutions for those affected by the devastation caused by the 1/10 earthquake and others in Haiti.

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Dekko Mills

Senior Vice President
Planet Mills

About Dekko

Dekko Mills has spent 15 years on earth. Australian born he moved to the US at5. Dekko Mills is an aspiring filmmaker, pianist and gas bike mechanic.

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Eileen Halligan

Nobody knows what Eileen does

About Eileen

Well somebody found out once but they are no longer around. Don't mention Wall Street or NSA.

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Jane stuart

Home Work People

About Jane

Jane has lived 73 lives and the current one is all about real estate. She is the best. Don't ask any questions, just get Jane.

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Justin Paul Christodoro, Esq.

Owner, Law Offices of...

About Justin

State & Federal Criminal Defense
Municipal Violation Defense

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Timothy Halligan

The Boss
Construction Inc

About Tim

Loves the water, paddle boarding and has absolutely no online presence whatsoever. But he's a great bloke. Talk to Tim. Tim rocks.

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Demi Fotiadis

Commercial Real Estate Salesperson at Home Work People.

About Demi

Licensed Real Estate Commercial Salesperson at Home Work People Brokerage.

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Andrew Jefferies

Consultant at DAN Fund LLC

About Andrew

With over seven years experience in the financial services and non-for profit sectors enabling me to acquire a set of unique attributes.

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Bruce McLean

Partner at Titan Realty Partners

About Bruce

Bruce is an expert at not telling anybody what he actually does. I'm thinking spy...

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Daniel Modell

Art Director

About Dan

After narrowly escaping a professional engagement with Dr. Simon Mills Daniel Modell moved on to Amazon.

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Charlotte Barron

The Megaway

About Charlotte

Entrepreneur and pioneer in the earliest days of South Beach renaissance. Raised in Hong Kong and educated in England.

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Mitch Kidd

Founding Partner
Wellbuilt Company

About Mitch

Originally from Australia, Mitch has an Honors Degree in Building Construction Management

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Peter Fields

Partner at Ritholz Levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields LLP

About Peter

Peter represents clients throughout the worlds of film, television, publishing, music, fashion, luxury goods...

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Hannah Mills

Cave Dweller inc

About Hannah

Math Science Engineering and Philosophy. Voted most likely to run NASA or blow up her school.

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Byron Habinsly

American film producer.

About Byron

Beginning as a stage in New York City Byron later went on to play significant roles in film and television. In 2010 he founded Delirium.

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Joseph Palermo

General Manager
Vendome Gallery

About Joe

Joe is primarily in the real estate business and manages the interests of the Vendome group. There are no known photographs of him.

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Fredrick Weiss

Film Maker

About Fredrick

From voiceover to feature films Fredrick is a multi talented human. Although not a big fan of social media apparently.

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Barbara Smith-Gale

Title Insurance Sales

About Barbara

Seasoned title insurance professional with 30 years experience in both commercial and residential real estate title insurance.

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Marie_Ange Froidevaux Covet Lannes

UN peace ambassador.

About Marie-Ange

Real estate development. UN Peace ambassador.

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Tina Marie Vlitas

Regulatory Examiner
Financial Services

About Tina

Senior Regulatory Examiner
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

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Theresa Clarkson

Senior Counsel at something very secret.

About Theresa

Nothing to see here.
Move along.

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